Sunday, May 12, 2013

See Why Some Ladies Attract Men Who Only Want Séx

Popular actress/singer, Keri Hilson has seen it all. She has been the high girl, the bad babe who dresses wild and do stuffs. But now she's come to a conclusion that the reason many ladies today are complaining that they do not meet the kind of men they dream about is their fault.
So how can ladies meet the nice guys the yarn for? See what Keri said below:
"I often wonder if more girls were willing to be ladies, more guys would feel challenged to be gentlemen. Ladies don’t get it twisted. It DOES start with YOU!! 
"Unfortunately, every man doesn’t possess some standard high amount of respect for every woman they encounter…just as every woman doesn’t éxude the same amount of confidence, class, or self respect. This is not a perfect world, where men treat “hoes” with the same respect they give “ladies” just because their mother taught them well. 
"Bottom line is, a man will treat you according to the “messages” YOU put out there. That’s the way of the world…reality. If you exudé séx, you will attract men who want that from you. If you exudé self respect, you will attract the type of men who respect women. In this world, you attract what you éxude. Ladies, WE set the tone!! NEVER forget that!! We have the power to change our experiences with men.”
As the saying goes, a word is enough for the wise

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