Friday, July 19, 2013

There's a cheaper version of Alexander Amosu's £1.2m champagne

Have been wondering how on earth could this be possible... Luxury designer Alexander Amosu has cleared the confusion. He took to his instagram page to explain that there's a Swarovski diamond edition of his Taste of Diamond champagne. The diamond encrusted bottle is worth £1.2m, while the Swarovski version is just £350.

This is probably the version Don Jazzy and Peter Okoye got. Yehpa... :-) He reacted to the Daily Mail article about the price of the champagne. See his reaction above.

"Wow!!! Seems the media has taking my instagram & changed it to their own. Swarovski diamond edition as stated in my instagram is £350 not £1.2m" Amosu wrote.

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