Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Deactivated My Account On Facebook And Twitter About A Year Ago. My Stolen Range Rover Hasnt Been Recovered Yet... – PASUMA

Fuji music crooner, Wasiu Alabi-Pasuma, has raised the alarm over fictitious social media accounts opened in his name.  The accounts are, according to him, being used by dubious characters to defraud many of his unsuspecting fans.
Pasuma stated specifically that he does not have any account on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, adding that the clarification became necessary as his detractors had taken to fictitious accounts to announce that his lost vehicle had been found.
He, therefore, warned his friends, associates and fans against granting any request anybody could make, using his name on social media.
He spoke on a live Yoruba language TV Programme, Owuro Lawa, on Lagos Television in Lagos, on Tuesday. His Range Rover Sport Utility Vehicle was snatched at the Ahmadiyya end of the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway on May 27.
He said, “Some three or four days ago, some people approached me, saying they saw it on my Facebook account that my vehicle had been recovered. In fact, some of my fans have been calling me to say Congratulation and each time I ask them what they are congratulating me on, they tell me they saw it on Facebook that my vehicle had been found.
“It’s a lie, it has not been found. My enemies are the ones at work; they are the ones putting it on Facebook. They want those who are helping me in this cause to abandon the search. For the avoidance of doubt, I’m not on Facebook. I deactivated my account on Facebook about a year ago.
“Those social media accounts bearing my names are not mine and those parading themselves as Pasuma on such platforms are fraudsters. I don’t have Twitter, Facebook accounts and I’m not even on WhatsApp. The only social service I use is BlackBerry Messenger and only a selected set of associates have my BB PIN.’’
The Fuji act said he had at various times met people at public functions who accuse him of not saying “Thank you’’ to them after they have sent money to the account number provided on his supposed Facebook account.
While debunking the information on various fictitious social media accounts, Pasuma said he would make it public as soon as his vehicle is found.
“These fraudsters have defrauded many of my fans. They ask them to bring money and, in fact, post account numbers on those fraudulent Facebook accounts.
“Because of the love many of my fans have for me, they have been defrauded, some of them to the tune of  N1m and even as much as N2m. When they see me at functions, they approach me and say they expect me to say, Thank you,’’ he lamented.
Giving graphic details of how his vehicle was snatched from him, Pasuma said he was on his way to see his Aladura (spiritual father) when the armed robbers whom he described as his ‘superiors’ attacked him.
Pasuma said he was in the stolen vehicle in company with one of his ‘’home boys,’’ Gabriel, whom he asked to accompany him to see his Aladura in Ahmadiyya area of the Lagos metropolis.
He said they were attacked by a six-man gang of armed robbers who blocked his way with the Toyota Sienna mini-bus they (robbers) were driving in.
He added, “We actually thought they (armed robbers) were policemen who might have mistaken us for Yahoo Yahoo boys because of the kind of vehicle we were driving. But all of a sudden, they shouted ‘open the door’ and one of them pointed a gun at me.
“They bundled us into the back seat and started driving us all around town.  The leader of the group and a handful of his guys were in the Sienna mini-bus and those ones in my vehicle were communicating via the telephone on the route to ply. They drove my vehicle recklessly, plied one way and sometimes reversed to beat traffic. But all along I covered my face so that my identity would not be known to them. We were later discharged.”
He explained that he chose to hide his identity to prevent himself from being kidnapped for a ransom or being shot.
The musician added that when one of the robbers saw his “personal micro-phone” and sought to know what his name and his job was, he said he told them that “my name is Tunde, and that I operate a boutique on Olowu Street in Ikeja.’’
He promised his fans that he would produce an audio CD to explain his ordeal in the hands of the armed robbers whom he constantly described as his ‘superiors’ while the interview lasted.

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