Wednesday, May 22, 2013

See How People Are Running From Nigeria Into Benin Republic

When Prof Wole Soyinka said recently that Nigeria is a country at war, many thought he was just exploring his literary prowess. OluFamous.Com observed that happenings in parts of Northern Nigeria have further led credence to his genuine concerns.

At the moment, Thousands of Nigerians living in border villages in Borno State have fled as a result of the ongoing military operations targeted at routing insurgents from the area under the emergency rule.

Funny enough, these Nigerians are running to a land where hunger is in-charge...

"Most of the residents of border villages of Borno have fled to Niger. About 2,000 people from Abadan, Malam Fatori and other villages are now refugees in Difa, Niger Republic," a top security officer told Punch on Sunday.

The security source said the Joint Military Task Force was on the trail of members of the Boko Haram sect, who were dislodged from the Sambisa Game Reserve and other camps on Thursday in Borno State.

It was learnt that residents of Maiduguri and other communities far from the border, who did not want to be caught in the cross-fire had also fled with their belongs.
Hope these innocent people will be compensated at the end of the military onslaught? 

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