Friday, May 10, 2013

Hotelier & politician Prince Buruji Kashamu robbed of $62,000 on Arik flight

On Tuesday May 7th, popular hotelier and politician Prince Buruji Kashamu was on Arik flight no - W3155 from Lagos to Abuja, Time- 15h00. Ticket number 7253293631462-1. Seat no- 4F, when his $62, 000 disappeared from his briefcase. Below is what he said.
"I have never heard of this type of daylight robbery and didn't think I would be the first but the next time it happens to me, Arik Air should be ready for me.
I had $62,000 ( sixty two thousand dollars) in my briefcase and saw the money just before I went through screening. I noticed in the car on my way to the hotel that the money has mysteriously left my suitcase.
Arik air either has a ring of thieves doing this operation in collaboration with the operators of the screening machine or has a spirit that steals from its overhead compartment."
I heard that some people actually buy business class tickets just to steal from the rich men in that section of the plane. This is not the first time we are hearing about people losing things on the plane. The airline companies need to be more vigilant.

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