Wednesday, May 8, 2013

First Time Together? How To Impress Her In Béd

You have both been dating for a while, and now it's time to seal the deal.
First, you should know that for a girl who has been sexually active before you, she would instantly begin comparing you to previous sexual partners. She is a little bit curious and wondering whether or not you will rise up (pun intended) to the challenge the way she expects.
Below are ways to get that pesky ex completely out of her mind and have her looking forward to more séxual experiences with you, and just you alone.

1. Foreplay. Absolutely important. The right foreplay session would leave her weak at the knees and anticipating your next move. Don't be in a rush to get down to the action. Take time to get to know her body. What turns her on, what makes her moaan, parts of her body that drives her wild, etc. Sort of like testing the waters before driving in. Not only will this help you figure out her erogénous zones, it also gets her warm, wet and ready for action.

2. Listen to her body: Okay, let's assume you now know where to touch her. Now you should know exactly how to touch her there. Does she prefer light pressure? Does she want you to tease her for a few seconds or for minutes? Every woman is different so there is no rulebook on knowing what she would like. But if you are sensitive to her, you will be able to listen to what her body is telling you. Does she moan louder at some point? Does she fidgét and squirm uncomfortably when you touch her somewhere? Just follow the cues and you will know how to please her in no time.

3. Don't be afraid to experiment. When you are both in béd, try as much as possible not to be predictable. This does not mean changing séx positions every few seconds. You don't want her thinking about the experience the next day and only remembering it in just one way. Mix it up, show her you are adventurous you can be and the excitement of not knowing what you will do next would have her running back into your arms in no time.

4. Make her feel like a goddess. Nothing turns the lady off as much as a guy who does not know how to use the right words to get her in the mood. Séx is as much psychological as it is physical. Get into her head by saying words like how séxy you think she is, how hot her body is, how much you want her, etc. This way, she won't be able to think about anything but you the whole ride. Just be careful not to use degrading words unless you are sure she's okay with it.

5. Cuddle up. Now you are done and basking in the aftermath. Please, oh please, don't just take a nap after. Since this is your first time together, take a few minutes to hold each other and talk softly about the experience, about how you both enjoyed it. Having a nice and sweet cuddle session is best way to seal the deal and leave her sighing with utmost contentment.

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