Monday, May 13, 2013

EXPOSED: Private Jets Used To Smuggle Nigeria's Money

Security Agents in Nigerian have opened up that so much illegal consignments and cash in local and foreign currencies are being smuggled on daily basis in and out of the country through private jets.

"I can authoritatively tell you that it is now a lucrative business that businessmen bring in aircraft to operate as private jets, while they are actually used for commercial purposes. 
"So, it makes nonsense of those charter operators who follow the laid down processes and whose business has now been taken away by the illegal private operators."
The Coordinating Information and Communications Manager for aviation parastatals, Yakubu Dati, said.

It has also been revealed that some dangerous persons that securities agencies had declared wanted or put under watch are being airlifted out of the country through private jets.

As a result, the Federal Government is insisting that pilots flying such private jets must declare the passenger manifest before they will be allowed to take off. An aircraft manifest, is expected to contains the names of all persons aboard the plane, among other things.

Mr. Yakubu Dati said the order for the declaration of passenger manifest was necessary to check the abuse of the use of private by influential men.

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